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Friday, April 20, 2007

Anglican High School, Gold with Honours. :)

Thank you jas for all the practice times, the nice rushing down to eat waffle times, the endless chatterings through those unbearable hours and all the nice meal times.

Guitar practices are no more, but I'll miss those pracs and the fun pick-throwing and many other incidents as well. Love you loads! <3

Let's go for Gelare more often. :D

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Presenting to you..


Craving for a pizza yet lazy/too poor/impatient to walk to the nearest Pizza hut to get one? Fret not! Try out mummy's ‘cheat pizza’ 'recipe'! It’s a healthier alternative and yet packs fun and flavor in!

Pizza Base: Sandwich bread with spaghetti sauce
Filling: Anything you like!

1. Using a rolling pin, flatten the piece of bread according to your preference of the thickness of crust.
2. Spread a layer of spaghetti sauce on it.
3. Spread ingredients of choice.
4. Top it with a generous serving of mozzarella cheese.
5. Sprinkle some mixed herbs on it! (optional)
6. Toast it in the oven until cheese melts.
7. Serve and eat while it’s warm!

Suggestions for toppings:
- Ham
- Green Pepper
- Pineapple
- Button Mushrooms
- Tuna
- BBQ Pork/Bak kwa
- Pork/Chicken Floss
BBQ Pork on pizza is damm good!
WAFFLES. My ultimate comfort food. <3

Friday, March 16, 2007

JIAYING HERE! One fine morning.. there was nothing to do except homework.. So..
Of course the girl decided to..

baked something instead!

Wahaha.. so i went around looking for recipes to try out.. and as i've never baked a sucessful cake in my life, i decided to try out the most basic and mummy's favourite marble cake! It was a quick bake.. but didn't turn out as expected.. :(

Firstly, i think i overbaked it.. the crust looks too hard and dry. Secondly, as there was no butter at home, i used planta instead! Taste so weird! :X

Well.. it was finished up all the same, but i am not satisfied! I want to try it again soon.. But it was good that at least it didnt turn out with a super dense kueh texture.. It's like pund cake texture, but i prefer it less dense though~

Oh well!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't know what to do with marshmellows? Fret not! You can make:

Rocky Road! Just bake some brownies(not fully), take it out of the oven, line some marshmellows and chocolate chips on it and watch it spreads into fluffy clouds of sweetness!

The only hassle is cutting up the marshmellows though~ it's really sticky! Be careful not to let the marhmellows become burnt! Hee~ but burnt marshmellows are yummier. It takes some skills~

Bet you're drooling at the photo already! Sadly, that's not what we baked! :p Here's what happen when you don't have enough skills and don't want the brownie too sweet...

Though it didn't turn out as expected, it was good! We had fun baking it, great care and effort was put in.. nothing beats homebaked! :) :)

Great supper, great company, great TV~

However.. if that is too complicated, we have something easier but equally yummy!

BAKED/TOASTED MARSHMELLOWS with a chocolate at the centre!

Do NOT, and i repeat, DO NOT JUDGE IT BY HOW IT LOOKS!! We got a big shock when it's done baking too.. it expanded to twice it's size.. :p

Simply stuff a chocolate into the centre of the marshmellow, toast it in the oven till it browns!

Heavenly, warm gooey sweetness enclosed with a caramelish crispy outer layer~ not forgetting the comforting hot chocolate in the centre which adds to the taste!

Life's simple pleasures~

Slept over at jul's house some time ago, and was treated to a fun morning of pizza making with high grade cheese from holland and free pizza aroma! This marks my first pizza of the year! (:

It's surprising easy, and you'll be able to make the crust as thin as you like! Plus you can add anything to it from mushrooms to BBQ pork or even pork floss! Get creative!

For this pizza we had spagetti sauce, lots of cheese, mushrooms, green pepper and tomato, sausages, BBQ pork, herbs..

Heh~ Here's the recipe! Do try it out~~~~

For 2-3 Servings (according to preferance of thickness of crust):

Ingredients A (Mix well)
350g Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt

Ingredients B (Mix well)
200ml Low Fat Milk
1 tsp (level) Dry Yeast
1 tsp Sugar

1. Pour B into A and knead well into a dough. (20 mins)
2. Leave dough to rest for about 2 hours in container (preferably air-tight) to ferment.
3. Grease baking tin with butter.
4. Spread dough over baking tin according to preferance of thickness.
5. Use a fork to poke the dough. Let the dough breathe! :D
6. Bake 5 mins, 200degC. (Dough does not turn brown!)
7. Spread ingredients across the dough. (spaghetti sauce, veggie, meat, mushrooms, cheese etc.)8. Put into the oven again, bake 10 mins at 250degC.
9. Eat while it's hot!

By the way, the pizza was shared between the two of us. :D

Friday, February 16, 2007

(rants: blogger sucks! xanga's photomanager is the best. *thumbsup*)

Alright! So this year I had a lonely Valentine's Day, it was just me alone at home with my piano, Physics textbook and Emaths notes. :(
Not very ideal I would say, would rather be having a hot Spanish date.

My mummy was out, and my brother went to the movies (I wonder if it was with his date?!) and I was left alone at home and without any dinner. So I decided to venture into the kitchen and cook myself some random stuff to eat!

So I ransacked my kitchen and the refridgerator before I found my lovely packet of Orient's INSTANT UDON!

YES it looks really lovely right? When I was at NTUC it just lured me to it and I knew I had to buy it to try it.

It reads:
Fresh Japanese Noodle

Cold and hard noodles, pressed together.

Cooking in the water, with it's sachet's contents giving it the Miso flavour.

Sprinkled with some fried spring onion and silverfish...


The next Valentine's day I want to be cooking for my hot boy. :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

What's better than to indulge in ice-cream on a frustrating and seemingly sad day?

Even if it's just a measly block of $1 Ripple Ice-Cream from the aged uncle who rides his motorcycle, parking at the school gates, with the signature blue umbrella shielding him from the sun and rain... I don't think any Haagen Dazs $4.50 per scoop ice cream cone could beat it. :)

The sweet pink strawberry tasted, along with the rich milky vanila - it's one of the best combinations. And IMO, the best remedy for the down and depressed.

Just indulge.

Monday, January 01, 2007

NSF in mandai area cant live w/o it.

Top: Miss Egg, Mr Fish cutlet, Mr Chicken Wing, Mdm Otah
Bottom: Miss Thumb :X, Mohammad Nasi, Mdm Chilli
Not in picture: Mr Ikan billies, Miss Peanuts